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Singapore visa at Rs 2,499

Get wonder-struck at the Marina Bay Sands, an integrated resort in Singapore. Visit the iconic Buddha Tooth Relic temple, or just plan a tour to the Night Safari to be around with the nocturnal animals! These and a lot more are beckoning you to Singapore. Spend your next short vacation at Singapore. In case processing a visa is bothering you, we are right here to help you out!

Types of Singapore Visas from India

Singapore Visa type Singapore Visa Fees
Singapore visa for 30 days Rs 2,499

Documents Required for Tourist Visa for Singapore

Steps to get your Singapore visa

1. Apply online and fill the Singapore visa form
2. Make a payment online
3. Pick up and drop of important documents
4. Get your visa in just 5 working days

Tourist Visa Procedure for Singapore

Pick up your tourist visa to Singapore in just a few easy steps by diligently completing the visa application procedure mentioned here. Complete the visa application form (Form 14A in this case) accurately. Interview / Biometric Test
  • Please note you neither need to provide your biometrics, nor attend any interview at the consulate to collect your tourist visa for Singapore.

  • Validity of tourist visa for Singapore
  • A multiple-entry tourist visa to Singapore allows you to stay there for a minimum of 30 days up to a span of two years.

  • Your Singapore Visa Fees includes

    What are the documents required to apply for a Singapore visa?

    The traveller requires to submit the below listed documents to apply for Singapore visa:

    1) Confirmed return air ticket with tour itinerary
    2) Original passport
    3) Singapore visa application form duly filled and signed
    4) 2 passport size photographs of each visitor taken against a white background with a matte finish
    5) Covering letter of the applicant
    6) Bank statement reflecting transactions of last 6 months duly attested by a bank official

    What are the additional documents required to apply for a business visa?

    Additional documents required for business visa:

    1) Original covering letter from Indian company addressed to 'The Visa officer Singapore consulate',
    2) Invitation letter from overseas company addressed to 'The Visa officer Singapore consulate'.

    What are the different types of Singapore Visa?

    There are 2 different types of Singapore Visa:

    1) Tourist Visa
    i) This visa is recommended for leisure trips, visits to relatives and/or friends place, technological or scientific conferences, seminars or meetings (services provided must not be paid by organizations/corporations in Singapore, except reimbursement for expenses or per diem allowances)
    ii) Tourist visa holders are not allowed to engage in any paid activity in Singapore
    iii) The visa processing time is between 5 - 6 working days (excluding Saturdays & Sundays)

    2) Business Visa Business visa is recommended for trips that are commercial in nature and is issued for a specific period of time, i.e. the purpose of your trip is to enter Singapore for a temporary business visit.

    What are the photo requirements for Singapore visa?

    Following are the photo requirements for application of Singapore visa:

    Singapore Visa Application How do I apply for Singapore visa for more than 5 travellers?

    You can also call us at +91-22-33951099 with all the passenger details. While sending us the group visa query, kindly include maximum information about your travel. Example: Number of adults and children travelling, date of travel (arrival and departure) and similar.

    How can I apply for a multi-country visa?

    You can also call us at +91-22-33951099 with all the passenger details.

    Post applying for Singapore Visa

    How will I know the status of my Singapore visa application?

    We will update you through an email after receiving the update from the Singapore Consulate. You can still call us on +91-22-33951099 to check the updates on your visa.

    How will I know if my Singapore visa application was successful?

    We will email you the the status of your visa application as soon as we get an update from the Singapore Consulate. Please note: We cannot guarantee a successful visa application. It is subject to the respective government rules and regulations.

    How will I receive my Singapore visa?

    Singapore visa is in the form of paper visa and will be sent to you once we receive the same from Singapore Consulate.

    Cancellation / Refund / Amendment of Online Singapore Visa Application

    How do I cancel my Singapore visa application?

    Once you have submitted your application for Singapore visa & made the payment, it cannot be cancelled.

    Can I amend/modify my Singapore visa application after payment?

    We do not allow any changes/amendments or any kind of modifications to submitted Singapore visa applications. Moreover, Singapore visa application charges are non-refundable.

    Singapore visa terms & conditions

    i. Visa application fee is non-refundable in all cases, including visa application rejection.

    ii. In case a visitor overstays, overstaying penalty will be charged as per the Singapore High Commission.

    iii. Visa application will only be accepted after the verification of all required documents and receipt of the complete payment.

    iv. All visas are issued as multiple-entry e-visas and are valid for entry within 30 days from the date of issuance.

    v. Applicants issued Singapore tourist or business visa are not eligible to work in Singapore during their stay.

    vi. Once accepted, visa processing will take a minimum of 4 working days (This excludes the day of submission, weekends and public holidays). Visa application approval and processing time is at the sole discretion of the Singapore High Commission.

    vii. We reserve the right to refuse applications at its discretion and bears no liability for the processing time or rejection of visa applications by the Singapore High Commission.

    viii. Additional documents may be requested from certain applicants at our discretion.

    ix. If employed, then an NOC from the employer on the company letterhead is required.

    x. If self-employed, a covering letter on the company letterhead will be required.

    xi. Honeymoon couples are required to submit their original wedding card. Embassy will not accept scanned or photocopied wedding cards.

    xii. If a minor is travelling with a single parent then an NOC from the other parent is required.

    xiii. If a minor is travelling with relatives then an NOC from both the parents is required.

    xiv. Other documents required for minor applicants:

    a) Bank statements of parents is required

    b) Student Identity card of the minor travelling

    xv. If the passport is issued from the state under different location of jurisdiction and applicant is staying for more than 6 months in Delhi, Chennai or Bangalore – 2 government address proofs:

    a) Lease & license Agreement

    b) A letter on company letterhead mentioning the residential address.

    Places to Visit in Singapore

    There’s no stopping you discovering what is probably among the best that the world has on offer. The best characteristic of Singapore is its capacity to never fail your expectations. Be it food, culture, fashion, technology, markets, high end indulgences- Singapore awaits you. Be amazed. Visit Singapore to witness its charm which will leave you spell bound.